Hospitality Scaled Professionally

Allow us to help control the costs of your growing restaurant by using our expanding products and services: phone services (multi-lingual) and ordering, organization, and status applications.

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Simplify your Business

Concepts to Customers

Given the high upfront costs and customer expectations, it can seem impossible to start a restaurant. Our products keep costs within budget while maintaining an established appearance.

Reduction in Costs

In a very competitive market keeping running costs low is a must. Our associate order placing service reduces payroll, while our other services can reduce technical overhead.

Flexibility is Necessary

A restaurant's menu is unique, so why use a system that forces it to be standard? Our system fits to a restaurant's needs in a novel, simple, and intuitive manner.

Predictability in Pricing

Regardless whether you're a large business or a small business, our pricing model offers a simple pay as you go with a pay for what you use plan

What we Deliver

Products to improve business and save time

Our mission is to help your business grow by offering products that are designed to save time while improving the customer experience.

Consistent Service

Out agents give the customer a consistent professional friendly feeling every time they call to place an order.

Highly Available

No more missed customer orders, our agents are available during all business hours.

Multi-lingual Agents

Your customers speak many languages. Expand your customer base by receiving orders in a variety of languages.

Multi-lingual Interfaces

Our products in your language (Machine Translated). For example, a order placed in german can be viewed in spanish by a store's owner

Intuitive System

Our easy to use interface will allow you to adapt quickly with almost no learning curve.

Pricing Strategy

While we create more and more innovative products, our pricing strategy ensures that your business will only be charged for the products it needs.

Operating Costs

Our customers accomplish more with less by reducing their operating costs while offering excellent service to their customers.

Time = Growth

By allowing us to help your business, we allow you and your staff to focus on growing the business.

Predictable Pricing

List of All Service Costs

*Costs and prices are subject to change.

Active Account

$10.00 Usd/Month

Order taking phone service

5% of order total

Assisted setup (not required)

$20.00 Usd + $24.89 Usd/30Min

Initial store phone number purchase

$9.89 Usd

Monthly store phone number rental

$4.89 Usd/Month

Phone Ordering Service

Comparison and Perspective

A transparent comparison between using our phone service and hiring a full time employee at a store location. Add your information in the form below to see how our services can help your business.

Hired employee cost
Hired employee actual cost
Our human agent cost
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